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About Us

With over 32 years of direct experience in the construction industry, Safety Ahead believes in an honest, direct, genuine approach to safety needs customized to each company or organization.


Our Vision

  Our Vision

The overall vision for Safety Ahead Ltd. is that the “Spirit of Safety” be captured by all workers on the jobsite and transferred into all aspects of their lives to create an incident free culture.

Core Values

  Core Values

Our core values have the foundational theme of GRATITUDE – we are grateful for our lives, and recognize that safety is an integral part of maintaining our quality of life. We mentor safety by example and create a company environment that empowers our team members through mutual respect and individual expression.

  • Positive Safety Leadership
  • Mentoring by Example
  • Integrity
  • Be Solution/Goal Orientated
  • Mutual respect that empowers individual expression
  • Open communication to allow an exchange of ideas and to keep our team informed.
  • Safety above all – we practice what we preach
  • Teamwork – create understanding and empathy
  • Strategic Alliances is our purpose for being in business

Our Mission

  Our Mission

Our mission is to provide positive, practical safety solutions for the construction and oil and gas industry in Alberta. We accomplish this task with two major methods:

  1. Our Top-Down Management Training Programs
  2. And our Bottom-Up “Think Ahead” Safety Program.

The Management Training Programs target the owners, management, and superintendents, and through a continually improving review system, safety is captured and effectively used to protect the workers. The “Think Ahead” Safety Program creates safe workplaces by educating workers to capture the “Spirit of Safety”. The way we see it “Workers that think safe are safe”.

Our Experience

  Our Experience

With over 32 years of direct experience in the construction industry, Safety Ahead believes in an honest, direct, genuine approach to safety needs customized to each company or organization.

Safety Ahead’s 25 years of experience with safety management is also a necessary asset that is set to fuel its drive to provide an effective and comprehensive safety system. Starting with the management of a given client, and working its way through the company using a detailed systematic process, Safety Ahead aims to simplify and properly direct the resources of its clients.


Here’s what others say about Safety Ahead Ltd.

" Your construction background and safety experience are excellent assets in developing a safety program for my company that is very user-friendly and sustainable. "
- Dave Crawford, President, DGC Contracting Inc.
"The Supervisor and Representative Safety Training Program is an excellent workshop … I found that I returned to my position feeling both empowered and armed with the knowledge I needed to be successful. I felt energized and eager to start passing on the knowledge I gained to both our field staff as well as management."
- Ryan Latta, Service Experts - Edmonton, Alberta

Meet Allan Head


Meet Allan Head

Founder and President Safety Ahead Ltd.

Allan HeadSafety and eliminating injuries in the workplace is my passion. I have worked in the construction industry all my life and have seen many people get hurt at work. I witnessed devastating effects on the people around the injured worker. My desire to make a difference led me to focus on safety in the workplace.

As a kid, I really wanted to work in construction. More than thirty years later, I am still living that dream. Over the course of my career, I worked for two major construction companies and in 2007 opened my own business, Safety Ahead, which focuses on safety in the workplace.

During my years in construction, I was involved in safety from all points of view as a worker, an apprentice, a supervisor and now as a business owner. I have several business clients that support Safety Ahead and believe in our products and service. It is so important to produce a quality product. With the commitment to creating safety awareness in the industry, I created an innovative new product called SAFETY IN A BOX ™. This Starter Kit contains everything needed to set up and manage an effective safety program for a company.

A highlight of my career was in 2005, when I received the Alberta Centennial Medal from Alberta Education for significant contribution (apprenticeship and education) that benefited our community and our province. This Medal was awarded to the most outstanding people in Alberta in the last 100 years and it was my honour and privilege to receive it.

I believe in giving back to the community that supports me, so I support many charities including Kids with Cancer, Weekend to End Breast Cancer, Threads of Life, and Devins Hope (Haitian Family Support). When my two boys were growing up, I supported their interests as a soccer coach, Scout leader, and Junior Forest Warden leader.
In all my endeavours, I choose quality and integrity over the easy path. Safety demands that attitude – having a good attitude towards safety saves lives. I always do my best to inform and educate businesses on the key components of safety, quality and production and the three cornerstones of knowledge, attitude and communication that go hand-in-hand to achieve a safe workplace.

I have a dream to make Alberta the safest place to work in North America. Working in a safe workplace means that we get to go home at the end of the day and enjoy the things we love to do. My motto is, “The Road to Safety Excellence is Always Under Construction.”

“Think Safe – Think Ahead”

Allan Head



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