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Safety Ahead provides development, evaluation, and training primarily for the oil and gas and construction industry. With a great reputation for the best in safety .. think Safety Ahead.




Creating a safe work site can be a complex task.

The larger the team or project, the more challenging.


Our approach helps you demystify Safety Management, Legislative acts and actions, and help you develop an ongoing plan of audit and safety action. We can also help you create the training, retraining, and easy-to-follow process that make your Safety Plan powerful, practicable and available for any size project.

With the increasing demand for health and safety programs and the change in legislation in 2018, there is more compliance required in industry mandated by the government. This means that the Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator in every company can benefit by leveraging our years of practical experience to develop the most comprehensive safety program available today.


 Health & Safety Consulting Services

Safety Ahead Ltd. provides the following types of services to improve your overall safety standard:

  • Hazard Assessments
  • Safety Program Assessments/Audits
  • ACSA audits for COR Certification
  • Maintenance Program Development
  • Building a strong Safety minded team.
  • Job Site Orientations
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Incident Investigations and Reports
  • Safe Work Practices
  • Safety Inspections


Get COR Certified

Learn how we can help your business get COR certified.



Some Other areas of expertise

  • Completing a comprehensive, easy to read Safety Manual.
  • Increasing worker confidence about what to do in event of incidents.
  • Spending less time “fixing” site issues and spending “more” time completing projects.
  • Building your forms manual for relevant staff to understand clearly.
  • Creating a sense of safety to spot problem situations before they become casualties.
  • Choosing the right Safety Management Program for your business size and activity.
  • Starting an ongoing Safety Audit routine.
  • Improving your Safety record.
  • Taking your existing documentation to the next safety level.
  • Generating more revenues with streamlined worker practices in place.
  • Developing and testing new policies.

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Safety Ahead helps clients create training, retraining, and easy-to-follow processes that make your Safety Plan powerful, practicable and available for any size project. Whether your current plan needs to be updated or you require a custom designed safety plan, we’ll help you every step of the way!

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Looking for a smart path in developing your Safety Program. Visit the store and see all our Safety Program materials, workbooks, and items.

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 Safety Ahead News

What Makes a Good Safety Advisor?

  • 9 October 2019
  • Author: Safety Ahead
  • Number of views: 2217
What Makes a Good Safety Advisor?

Every responsible workplace should have a Safety Advisor in place that is the keeper and go-to-person for everything safety. But what makes a good Safety Advisor? Your workplace Safety Advisor has been appointed with the responsibility of ensuring your workplace is one that is a healthy and safe environment for you to be in, along with providing all staff and contractors the basic knowledge and advice of where safety features and equipment can be found (such as fire extinguishers, eye-wash stations, AEDs, safety documents and more, what to do in an emergency and ensuring the workplace is kept up-to-date on hazard assessments and certifications.

A good Safety Advisor should ensure that all new staff have been properly advised and trained on safety procedures and should have a Safety Orientation Program in place to introduce new employees or contractors easily and efficiently to all the applicable safety information.     

A good Safety Advisor should stay on top of all safety matters on the job, and ensure your safety records, documentation and assessments are up to date. They should also be involved should any safety incidents happen on the job as they need to investigate it.

A great Safety Advisor fosters a workplace culture of safety. They rally the troops and get them engaged and involved in safety. This can easily be done by creating buzz around topical and timely safety matters in the news or even notable dates, such as Emergency Preparedness Week, National Fire Prevention Week, Mental Health Week and more.

A great Safety Advisor celebrates a company’s safety wins with the entire team, such as no injuries or no near-misses, a COR certification, a reduction in time lost, and cost savings due to lack of safety matters. These are achievements that take a fully dedicated team to achieve and are not just attributed to the Safety Advisor.

Does your workplace have a Safety Advisor? Do they take safety to heart? Do you feel safe? Does your company take safety seriously? Should you or your team need help getting a proper safety program in place or if your Safety Advisor could use additional support, contact us at Safety Ahead – we’re here to help! Let’s make safety a priority and ensure your Safety Advisor is the right person for the job – after all we all want to go home safe.     


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